For the purchase of a used car, a move or the renovation of the apartment is a 6000 euro loan ideal. Even the overdrawn current account can be easily compensated with this loan amount. With the loan term chosen correctly, this loan amount represents a relatively small burden. More information at

The loan is offered in this amount by many different lenders. Even with a loan amount of 6000 euros a detailed credit comparison is advisable.

6000 euros credit in the store – schedule time

6000 euros credit in the store - schedule time

The loan amount of 6000 euros is among the small loans of almost all lenders. These loans are also available, for example, from branch banks such as the Raiffeisen banks and savings banks. These financial institutions are chosen by a majority of the population as a house bank.

Since the bank customers of these institutions handle almost all monetary transactions through this bank, it is obvious to take out a 6000 euro loan from the principal bank. However, installment loans are available from the house banks only after a consultation with the responsible clerk. If you want to submit a loan application to the house bank or a branch bank, you must wait at least 10 to 14 days.

Anyone who decides despite this waiting period for a loan from a branch bank must provide the clerk with credit-worthy documents. For employees, these are the salary statements for the last two to three months and the current bank statements. If you apply for a loan from the house bank, you do not have to present these documents. In addition, a valid identification document is required.

On the basis of these documents and with a private credit information, the bank calculates the creditworthiness. If the creditworthiness is sufficient, the loan agreement can be closed and the requested money is paid out. In the case of limited creditworthiness, collateral such as a guarantor or a second applicant can help. If the applicant is married, the spouse is usually always included in the loan agreement.

Small loans – apply for easy from home

Small loans - apply for easy from home

Online loans are becoming increasingly popular with consumers. The loans of online and direct banks can be applied for from the comfort of their own home and in many cases are cheaper than the loan offers from branch banks. So that consumers actually get the cheapest loan offer, they can choose their 6000 Euro credit on a credit portal.

These portals are perfect for a detailed credit comparison. For a simple comparison of a credit consumers enter the required loan amount and the desired term in a loan calculator. In addition, a purpose for the loan should be specified. Once entered, the consumer will be offered a large number of online and direct bank loan offers.

In order for the credit comparison to be particularly clear, all credit offers contain the same information. At Creditend, one of the largest comparison portals in Germany, details of the bank, various product details and the monthly loan installment are displayed in the offers. In addition, the borrowing rate and the annual percentage rate are given.

According to these criteria, the consumer can choose the individually matching credit. Once a decision has been made for a lender, the consumer is redirected to the bank’s website by mouse click. The 6000 Euro credit can be applied for on this website. Consumers should always keep in mind that borrowing from online banks is often only possible with a positive private credit.

Credit marketplaces – enjoying alternative diversity

Credit marketplaces - enjoying alternative diversity

Not every consumer in Germany has a good credit rating or a private credit statement that does not contain any negative features. For example, if credit conditions are lower, consumers can apply for a € 6,000 loan on a credit marketplace.

The largest lenders of this type in Germany include Auxmoney and Creditend. On both portals, personal loans are brokered at relatively favorable terms. Consumers can apply for Auxmoney installment loans from 1000 to 25000 Euros. With Creditend are possible up to 50000 euro. The loans on these portals are provided by private lenders. The portal acts only as a credit intermediary.

If you want to apply for a 6000 Euro loan, you enter the required data into the existing loan calculator like on a credit portal. The applicant immediately receives a preliminary calculation of the desired loan. But this is just an example of calculation. Thereafter, the personal data are queried and obtained a private credit information.

If the private credit contains hard negative characteristics, a rejection occurs. If the applicant is admitted, the portal will need information on the monthly income and expenses. At Creditend, the applicant receives various loan offers from investors. At Auxmoney, the loan must be fully funded by the lenders of the portal. Once funding has been obtained, the loan agreement will be closed and the loan will be disbursed.

Serious credit brokerage – also on the net

Serious credit brokerage - also on the net

Another possibility for a loan is offered by reputable credit agencies on the Internet. Credit agencies are companies that work similar to insurance brokers. By cooperating with many domestic and foreign banks, brokers can offer different types of loans.

A € 6,000 loan is often available at credit agencies even with a limited credit rating and with slight negative features in the private credit. Like banks, credit agencies require additional collateral from applicants in this case. As with banks, usually co-applicants or guarantors are accepted by the lenders.

The application is always online at reputable credit agencies. With normal installment loans a private credit information is obtained. With the loan application, the applicant must submit the last two or three salary statements. For many credit agencies, current account statements are also required. The documents are sent by post to the lender.

Legitimation takes place either with the Post-Ident or the Video-Ident method. The loan amount of 6000 euros is not available at credit agencies without private credit. private creditfreie loans are available at almost all credit agencies only with disbursements of 3500, 5000 and 7500 euros.

Credit comparison – always the best loan offer

Credit comparison - always the best loan offer

Small loans with a payout of 6000 euros are offered by almost all lenders on different terms. Consumers who want to borrow 6000 euros from a branch bank always have to plan a certain amount of time. The cheapest loans are offered by the numerous online and direct banks on the Internet. However, these loans are often available only with a good credit rating.

Loans with limited creditworthiness or with slight negative entries in the private credit can switch to credit brokers or credit marketplaces. However, these loans are a bit more expensive than bank offers. A credit comparison is therefore always advisable with a 6000 euro credit.